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BIOBIND Natural Food Supplement is a weight management product containing 100% natural ingredients which have triple-action properties that may help you achieve your weight management goals alongside controlled diet. Natural ingredients for a healthy weight loss BIOBIND contains 100% natural ingredients and developed from SlenMax formula to help you achieve your ideal weight: Nopal - contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fibres, which helps to regularise bowel movements, prevent the rapid absorption of simple carbohydrates, and help normalise and lower blood sugar and lipids among other benefits. Psyllium Husk - is the husk of the seed of Plantain used in weight control and for general intestinal health. It helps to improve digestion and cleanse the system. Chitosan - May help to reduce fat, help lower bad cholesterol, and raise good cholesterol. Safe to use BIOBIND is available without a prescription and made from all natural ingredients, making it safe to use without side effects. It is suitable for men and women of all ages who are looking to manage their weight.