Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg with Magnesium Vitamin D & Zinc – 120 Tablets


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Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg with Magnesiume Vitamin D & Zinc includes recommended intake of Calcium that is necessary for building and strengthening of your bones and teeth as well as the regulation of muscle contraction. Who should take Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg? Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg is designed for: Those who wish to build or strengthen bones and healthy teeth. People who need to regulate muscle contraction including their heartbeat. Women during menopause and pregnancy. Athletes suffering from repetitive injury to their bones. Those on restricted diets or with lactose intolerance. Contains Vitamin D Vitamin D is required by the body to effectively utilise calcium intake it. Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg is formulated with Vitamin D2 (1.5 mcg).