Bioglan Red Krill 30’s x3


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Bioglan Red Krill Oil is a unique, highly absorbable product which provides you with important unique nutrients such as omega 3 which help to support the heart and cardiovascular health and sustain healthy cholesterol levels. Its small and has no fishy after taste making it easy to take. Facts about Krill Oil Scientific research has shown that Krill oil can start to help relieve Arthritis symptoms and assist mobility in only 7 to 14 days. Clinical evidence indicates Krill oil helps support heart and cardiovascular health and normal healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range in healthy individuals. Krill oil is a great source of phospholipids, omega-3 essential fatty acids and occurs naturally occurring antioxidants including Astaxanthin a red orange carotenoid that provides the red colour of Krill. Bioglan Red Krill Oil to help support: Cholesterol Health and maintenance - by promoting healthy LDL/HDL ratio and healthy triglyceride levels. In a comparative study with standard fish oil it was found that Krill oil, at half or equal doses, demonstrated significantly better results than standard fish oil on lipid parameters. To help promote healthy cholesterol in healthy individuals. Cardiovascular Health - Krill oils phospholipids, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, are readily available and absorbed and help support cardiovascular health. Joint Health - by helping to reduce inflammation and arthritic symptoms. Scientific research with Osteoarthritis sufferers has demonstrated that Krill Oil can start to help relieving Arthritis symptoms in 7 to 14 days. Brain Health and Eye Health - Omega-3 fatty acids are found in high concentration in the brain and nerve structures. The essential fatty acids are important for brain health and nerve function. Antioxidant Health - a natural source of antioxidants.