CCS Heel Balm


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CCS Heel Balm: Works quickly and within 7 days repairs severe rough, dry skin and cracked heels. CCS Heel Balm is clinically proven to control the most severe cases of rough, dry skin and cracked heels effectivly and quickly. It contains 25% Urea which is the body's natural moisturiser. It breaks down hard, thickened skin, helping to repair and soothe cracks in the skin. It leaves feet feeling soft and skin much more supple and smooth. CCS Heel Balm feels nice on the skin and has a pleasant scent, which makes it a great product to use. Fast Acting: When using CCS Heel Balm twice daily you can expect to have visible improvement of skin softness and appearance of your heel condition within 3 days. After using for 7 days you can expect smooth, soft skin with a reduction in the dryness of your heels. CCS Heel Balm is: Lanolin free Dermatologically tested Contains Vitamin E to help with skin softness Suitable for diabetics to us