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Centrum Performance is formulated for sportsmen and sportswomen, and those leading busy lives. It is specially formulated with an active combination of 28 vitamins, minerals and herbs. Higher levels of antioxidants and B vitamins can help protect against free radical damage and unlock energy. Together with natural extracts of ginseng and ginkgo biloba, Centrum Performance is designed to help sustain vitality and may help maintain concentration and short-term memory to help you perform at your best, everyday. Energy Release Contains B vitamins to help unlock energy from food to contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. Immunity Support Contains vitamin C which is important to the normal function of the immune system, and is also an antioxidant. Heart Function Contains Vitamin B1 to support normal heart function. Mental Performance With Ginkgo Biloba, Pantothenic Acid, Iron and Zinc to help maintain a healthy active mind. Physical Endurance Includes Ginseng to help support physical endurance.