Ensure Plus Juce Peach – 12 Pack


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Ensure Plus Juce Peach is specially designed for those suffering from involuntary weight loss or are recovering from an illness or surgery, meaning they have difficulty with digesting fat. Each ml of Ensure Plus Juce provides 1.5 calories to help you gain or maintain a healthy weight. It is also high in protein for tissue repair and maintenance, while being free from fibre, fat, gluten and lactose. It is suitable to be taken as a supplement with meals or as a snack. Ensure Plus Juce come in a variety of delicious flavours, including apple, fruit punch, lemon & lime, orange, peach and strawberry. Each Plus Juce can be drank on its own and is best served chilled. They can also be frozen into ice cubes and lollipops, warmed to become a delicious hot drink, or added to lemonade, jelly and sparkling water to boost nutritional content.