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Equazen Eye Q Liquid Vanilla is ideal for children or those who are sensitive to the taste of fish oil. Getting children to take fatty acids, especially fish oil, can be problematic. Often, the production methods used to disguise the fishy taste can damage the delicate fatty acids, and involve using synthetic additives that may not be best for those with dietary sensitivities. When Equazen formulated eye q liquid variants, Equazen decided on high grade natural sourced oils. Firstly, Equazen Eye Q Liquids hi-EPA marine lipid used across the Eye Q range has been processed to remove much of the fishy taste and odour. The oil is put into a near vacuum and blasted with steam at a pressure of about 20 atmospheres. This process washes out any volatiles and minimises any 'fishy' taste and you end up with a pleasant tasting fish oil. Equazen then combine the fish oil with virgin EPO, which is certified as being free of any chemicals or additives, with a hi-oleic sunflower oil. This stabilises the long chain fatty acids, which if unprotected, have a tendency to oxidise. The vanilla flavour in this product should find favour with the most discerning of young palates. Equazen Eye Q liquid uses non-solvent CO2 to extract vanilla essence from Madagascan vanilla beans. Then employs the latest flavouring technology developed for the luxury ice cream industry. The vanilla essence is mixed with vegetable oil extracts that actually help to trigger the sensation of sweetness on the taste buds. This gives the oil a creamy sugary taste, but it is sugar-free! Eye Q liquid comes in high quality Food and Drug Administration-approved aluminium flasks, developed in Switzerland for the pharmaceutical industry. Light, durable and superior to glass, this material has for years been the industry standard for transporting oils. The interior is coated with a food-grade lacquer, ensuring that at no stage does the oil contact the container.