Fade Out Brightening Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF25


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Fade Out Brightening Anti Wrinkle Cream SPF 25 features an an advanced brightening complex giving you visible results in just 4 weeks*. Its rich nourishing formula fights signs of ageing and its active natural ingredients of liquorice and mulberry help to reduce pigmentation giving you an even looking skin tone. Firmer Skin: Contins Hyaluronic Acid, clinically proven to help your skin naturally retain moisture eaving it feeling soft, smmoth and more supple. Its unique formulation targets signs of ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. Even Skin Tone: Clinically proven advanced skin brightener, evens out skin tone, reduces dark spots and discoluoration for a brighter more radiant complexion in just 4 weeks*. Protected Skin: its SPF defends against UVA/UVB rays to prevent further discoulouration and skin damage. its rich formulation also gives you up to 12 hours of intense moisturisation. *Source: Aspen clinical Research Ltd.