Feliway Spray


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Feliway Spray 60ml is a pheromone releasing spray which can be used to help your cat stay calm and cope with environmental changes. It is easy to use and lasts for up to 24 hours.
How does Feliway Spray work?
Happy cats tend to run their heads against furniture or walls and leave behind a substance called facial pheromones.
Feliway Sprays mimic this pheromone in a synthetic copy which is scientifically proven to help reassure and comfort cats. It releases pheromones that help your cat feel safe and calm in its environment.
The secret to happy cats
Feliway Spray 60ml can be used to help your cat stay calm and deal gracefully with:

Moving house
Getting used to new pets
Adjusting to a new baby or new family members
Thunderstorm and fireworks