Fembido Advanced Sexual Enhancer Supplement for Women


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Fembido Advanced Sexual Enhancer Supplement for Women contains a blend of herbal ingredients that work naturally to help restore female desire. Fembido Advanced can help to: Increase drive and energy levels Increase desire Improve sensitivity Powerful, natural ingredients Fembido Advanced combines the two main active ingredients from Irvingia and Cissus plant extracts, which work together to help restore excitement and desire. Irvingia: It is extracted from the mango bush fruit, which originates in West Africa, and it has been used traditionally for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Cissus: It is an extract of a nutritious plant found in Cameroon. Used by the natives to treat an assortment of ailments, it has also been used for many years to increase stimulation. Turnera Diffusa: Also known as Damiana leaf, it can increase circulation and sensitivity. Damiana is used primarily as an energy tonic and an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Unique features An all-natural formula available without a prescription No known harmful side-effects and is suitable for women of all ages Contains natural ingredients of the highest quality Developed by a team of UK pharmacists and nutritionists UK manufactured with GMP approval