Haliborange Vitamins A C & D Orange Flavour x3


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Haliborange Vitamins A C & D Orange Flavour For generations children have always loved the delicious sunshine tangy orange flavour of Haliborange. You can trust Haliborange to provide specially formulated vitamins for your children. Haliborange understands that children's nutrition lays the foundation for future health and eating patterns. A balanced diet helps provide the nutrients essential for healthy growth and development. The following vitamins are important for: Healthy hair, skin and nails. Helping to maintain good vision. Maintaining a healthy immune system. Helping the body absorb iron D. Helping to promote strong bones and healthy growth. Helping the body to absorb calcium. Some people find it difficult to achieve the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. Haliborange recognises this and that is why a daily supplement gives you some reassurance and is enjoyed by children.