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HealthAid Soya Isoflavones Complex Tablets are specially formulated using SoyLife Brand of raw materials, the leaders in Soy-Isoflavone extraction technology. Their natural extraction process without the use of chemicals yields a high concentration of active constituents, including: Daidzein, Glycetein, Genestein in addition to Saponins, Tocopherols, Amino acids and minerals. Particularly advised for Growing children, People with high cholesterol levels, People with heart and circulatory conditions, People suffering from osteoporosis, women having difficulty with their monthly cycles or going through the menopause What are Soy Isoflavone Complex 910mg tablets for? The increasing popularity of soy foods is mainly attributed to the large amount of health benefits which are associated with the consumption of soy, such as: May help to maintain hormonal balance, May help lower the risk of developing osteoporosis, May help to ease the symptoms of menopause, May help inhibit the artery blockage and blood clots, May maintain cholesterol and fat levels, May help to prevent enlargement of prostate gland, Help improve bone health,