Healthaid Vegan B Complex


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Healthy Vegan B Complex provides essential water soluble vitamins that contribute to energy production and maintenance of healthy skin, muscles, and nervous system. This supplement provides a complete source of highly absorbable B vitamins.

Nutritional benefits of Healthaid Vegan B Complex

Vitamin B1 - To help the body convert carbohydrates into energy

Vitamin B2 - To complete several reactions in the energy cycle

Niacin - To help in the metabolism of carbohydrates

Vitamin B12 - To help in the development of red blood cells

Pantothenic acid - To help promote growth and well-being

Biotin - For promoting various metabolic processes

Choline & Inositol - To help to protect against fat & cholesterol build, regulate kidney, liver & gallbladder functions, and promote nerve transmission & enhances memory

Who should take Healthaid Vegan B Complex?

This supplement may be of benefit to:

Those who need an energy boost and promote general health and wellbeing

Those who need a gently daily Vitamin B support

Those who follow a vegan/vegetarian diet and are looking for a Vitamin B Complex supplement

Those who are looking to promote the health of skin, eyes, and hair

Those who wish to maintain a healthy nervous system and active brain.