HealthAid Vitamin C 1000mg Prolonged Release


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Health Aid Vitamin C 1000mg Prolonged Release is a unique way of providing your body with a sustained and steady source of Vitamin C over a prolonged period of time and also has the added benefits of acting as an antioxidant. Taking these tablets can help to maintain healthy teeth, gums, skin, connective tissue and bones as well as healthy blood cells and vessals. Health Aid Vitamin C 1000mg Prolonged Release Benefits:May help maintain normal growth and development. May improve the formation of collagen and help in tissue repairMay help enhance brain functioningMay work as an antioxidant and protect against free radical damageMay help maintain healthy hairMay improve the symptoms of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), bleeding gums, rough, dry, scaly skinMay enhance the healing processMay help reduce swelling and painful joints Health Aid Vitamin C 1000mg Prolonged Release can be of benefit to those who:Need to increase their immunity functionWish to maintain healthy bones, nails, skin, hair and strong blood vesselsAre exposed to free radical damage.Require natural antihistamine.Have sensitive stomachs.