James Wellbeloved Puppy Duck & Rice


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James Wellbeloved Puppy Duck & Rice - This hypo-allergenic duck and rice kibble Is packed with wholesome ingredients specifically designed for your puppy. Avoiding ingredients that can cause food allergies the recipe combines the meaty goodness of duck, wholesome brown rice and energy packed oats. James Wellbeloveds high quality foods contain no beef or pork, no wheat or wheat gluten, no dairy products or egg, and no soya, which can cause food allergies in puppies and dogs, making it perfect for dogs with delicate digestions, allergies or skin irritations. This nourishing kibble is also full of natural goodness including alfalfa and seaweed, anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals, extracts of yucca and chicory to improve digestion and a rich source fatty acids which are essential for a healthy, glossy coat.