Johnsons 4fleas Tablets For Cats & Kittens


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Johnson's 4Fleas for Cats and Kittens Tablets are an easy oral treatment for flea infestations on your cat or kitten aged over 4weeks. Johnson's Tablets are fast-acting and easily administered with their effects killing fleas in just 24 hours. Johnson's 4Fleas Tablets can only be fully effective as part of a flea treatment programme that will eliminate fleas and their eggs from pets and their surroundings. Pet bedding and the household should be vacuumed regularly and treated with a suitable insecticide spray like Johnson's 4Fleas Household Flea Spray.Fleas can be detected by parting the pet's coat and examining the skin for signs of flea activity. They can also be found by combing the coat with a flea comb. You may also notice your pet scratching or excessively grooming, which also indicate a flea infestation.