Kleenex Original Pocket Pack Tissues


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Kleenex Original Pocket Pack Tissues are designed to be extra soft and extra strong and are now available in this convenient, handy pocket pack, so you can take them anywhere with you ready to take on your runny nose sufferings for the day. About The Kleenex Brand Kleenex facial tissue was first introduced in 1924, when a package of 100 sheets sold for 65 cents. Although it was originally marketed as a cold cream remover, people used the tissue many other ways, especially as a disposable handkerchief. In 1930, advertising was changed to reflect this usage, and today more people buy Kleenex facial tissue than any other brand. Kleenex facial tissue celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1999. By promoting it as a cleaner, healthier alternative to towels and handkerchiefs it quickly became a mainstay in households across the nation.