Ladival Sun Protection Transparent Spray SPF30


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Ladival Sun Protection Transparent Spray SPF30 is photostable and water resistant. It is ergonomically designed with a smooth pump that evenly distributes the gentle formula, leaving behind no white marks or tell-tale signs. Advanced Infrared-A Protection While most sun protection products shield you from UVA and UVB rays, these only count for 7% of the sun's rays. Ladival steps up your sun protection game with an advanced Infrared-A protection system that defends you from a further 30% of the sun's rays, making it four times more powerful than standard protection products. Easy on your skin Ladival sprays have a gentle formulation that is non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin. It is free from preservatives, perfumes, colorants, fats, parabens, and PEG emulsifiers. It is ideal for use on sensitive or oily skin and prevents prickly heat and sun allergies. Water resistant This spray is water resistant and will continue to protect you even when you go in the water. To maintain maximum sun protection, always reapply after swimming or bathing.