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NANNYcare Growing-Up Milk for 1-3 years olds is specially formulated to enhance the natural goodness of goat milk to better meet the nutritional needs of growing toddlers and young children. Iron is essential for optimal growth, brain development, and vitality. NANNYcare Growing-Up Milk provides iron, plus vitamin C to promote iron absorption, that ordinary milk cannot provide. Why use goat milk? Contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins Unique protein profile resulting in smaller, softer curds for easy digestion. Has a casein profile which is closer to human milk Has high levels of medium-chain fatty acids and nucleotides NANNYcare Growing-Up Milk Growing-Up Milk Benefits: Enriched with essential minerals and vitamins Lower in sodium and saturated fat than ordinary whole milk Natural milk calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth Milk from dairy goats fed on lush, green New Zealand grass No added whey proteins