Neilmed NasaFlo Neti Pot


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Neilmed NasaFlo Neti Pot gives you a naturally soothing saline nasal wash to help counterattack the symptoms of nasal allergies and irritations. Effective for all types of nasal allergies Neilmed Neti Pots can be used for relief from: Nasal allergies Dryness Hayfever Sinus pressure or nasal stuffiness Symptoms of cold and flu Nasal irritations from house dust, pet dander, grass, pollen, or smoke Post nasal drip and nasal congestion Benefits for you Neti pots provide an easy flow, no spill design that you can use easily Neilmed solution is free of preservatives, drugs, iodine gluten, BPA, and latex Soothing to use, does not burn large-volume and low-pressure irrigation system for extremely effective removal of mucus and nasal irritants