Nicorette Fruit Fusion 6mg 10 Pack (10 x 105’s)


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Nicorette Gum Fruit 6mg is for the relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms as an aid to giving up smoking. This strength is suitable for those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day. Benefits of Nicorette Gum Fruit 6mg

Prevents weight gain while quitting smoking
Controls your metabolic rate
Works as an appetite suppressant to keep you from overeating while quitting
Doubles your chances of quitting successfully

How does it work?
Nicorette Gum Fruit 6mg lets you gradually reduce your cigarette intake while you are managing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
Chew a piece of Nicorette Freshfruit Gum whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Over time, the urge to smoke will lessen and you will need to chew less gum.