Nicorette Microtab 2mg


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Nicorette Microtab 2mg provides you with sublingual (placed under your tongue) tablets that are proven to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms when giving up smoking. How does it work? Nicorette Microtab 2mg is placed under the tongue and it slowly dissolves a limited amount of nicotine to relieve any cravings. This nicotine is absorbed into your body through the lining of your mouth. How to use? For effectively quitting smoking, it is recommended to use Nicorette Microtabs for 12 weeks, and after 12 weeks, gradually reduces the number of Microtabs per day. When you are down to using 1 or 2 microtabs a day, you can try doing without it completely. Do not use Nicorette Microtabs over a period longer than 9 months.