NiQuitin 10 Week Programme For Heavy Smokers


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Niquitin Cq 10 Week Program For Heavy Smokers includes patches which can help provide relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms including cravings as an aid to smoking cessation. If possible, when stopping smoking, the patches should be used in conjunction with a behavioural support programme. The patches come in three strengths, so as your body adjusts to not smoking, you are able to reduce the strength of patches used over a period of ten weeks until you no longer need to use them. The patches should be applied once a day, to a non-hairy, clean, dry skin site, and worn continuously for 24 hours. They should be promptly on removal from its protective sachet, at the same time each day, and preferably as soon as you are awake. Patches may be removed before going to bed if desired. However, use for 24 hours is recommended to optimise the effect against morning cravings. This step-down programme allows you to gradually do away with your body's need for nicotine. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, this dedicated programme contains enough patches to complete the 10 week course. For optimum results, the 10 week treatment course should be completed in full. Treatment with NiQuitin Clear patch may be continued beyond 10 weeks if you need it to stay cigarette free; however, those who use the patches beyond 9 months, are recommended to seek additional help and advice from a healthcare professional.