Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers Super Strength Insoles


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Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers Super Strength are soft, yet tough, so keep springing back to fight odour. Now your trainers can stay fresh and comfortable no matter how active you are. Only Odor-Eaters give you these unique benefit:

Unique triple odour protectionclinically proven best for all trainers and sports shoes.
No.1 selling foot odour & wetness product
Superior odour & wetness protection with new Zorbitex technology
Destroys odour on contact and absorbs 110% of its weight in sweat
Guaranteed to keep feet fresh and dry all day
What's the best way to keep my feet from smelling?
A: Bathe your feet daily and scrub them gently and thoroughly between the toes. Use an antibacterial soap. Dry your feet completely. Spray your feet with Odor Eaters Foot & Shoe Spray. Wear well-ventilated shoes, preferably made from natural material they'll breathe better (and so will you). Also, avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row. It's best to let them air out and dry. Finally, wear socks made from cotton or some other absorbent material.
My feet really smell a lot. Should I be worried?
A: Probably not. Odor-Eaters can help you tame your foot odor. But if that isn't enough, you should visit a doctor. You may have Bromidrosis and should be under a doctor's care in addition to using Odor-Eaters products.
Why do my feet seem to smell more with some kinds of shoes?
A: It's not your imagination. Some synthetic materials used in shoes like spandex, polyester, rayon and nylon make it harder for feet to breathe.