Original Source Shower Gel Mint & Tea Tree


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Original Source Mint And Tea Tree Shower Gel gives you that lovely tingly feeling from essential mint oil. And you only get essential mint oil from real mint leaves. So, when we say that Original Source contain mint- It is real mint and not just a drop either, it's enough to knock your socks off.When Original Source added 7,927 mints leaves to 100% essential tea tree oil, they didn't realise they were creating the daddy of all shower gels. Little did they know the invigorating minty fresh experience that would ensue. Luckily they do now! So we can warn you, if you have never tried it, get ready for a shower thats's unlike any other shower you've had before! You won't know what hit you!About Orginal SourceOriginal Source products use only 100% pure and natural essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from different elements of fruits and plants, such as the leaves, stems and flowers in plants or the peel of fruits. As essential oils are naturally extracted from plants and fruits, they have a natural fragrance which you can smell in the products. Essential oils are reknowned for physiological and psychological effects which can help improve health. Original Source use essential oils in all their products such as Shower and Shave gels, Bath Foams, Shampoos and Conditioners.Original Source use a variety of essential oils in their products. Each essential oil is reknowned for various properties and benefits.