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Pasante Unique Condoms are latex free and so ideal for you if you are allergic to latex. They are also the world-s thinnest condom, with the 3 pack being approximately the same size as a credit card which will conveniently fit into your wallet without damaging the condoms. Pasante Unique Condoms are made of synthetic resin AT-10, which is thinner yet more resistant than traditional latex condoms and therefore lead to an ultra-sensitive feeling. The thickness of a latex condom is 53 microns whereas Pasante Unique Condoms have a thickness of 15 microns. Pasante Unique Condoms are hypoallergenic, latex free and can be used with any lubricant. Minimum length: 180mm Width at base: 60mm Average thickness: 15 microns Latex Free Non-spermicidal lubricated