PediTech Acti Fresh Foot Odour Spray


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PediTech ActiFresh Foot Odour Spray works hard to not only masks foot odours (like other foot sprays might) but also prevents foot odour from returning again. PediTech ActiFresh Foot Odour Spray targets the cause of foot odour and works for 7 days. This easy to spray foot odour solution works by killing the bacteria that causes foot odour and therefore prevents foot odour from returning. The acids created by the bacteria catalyse the ActiFresh formulation, creating an instantaneous and dynamic action that quickly and effectively stops the odour-causing bacteria. This dynamic action only occurs when bacteria are present. The bacteria is killed in the first 7 days of treatment by creating an environment where bacteria cannot thrive. Once this 7 day period is complete, ActiFresh only needs to be applied once a week to maintain this bacteria-free environment, ensuring you can enjoy 7 days protection against foot odour.