PharmaClinix Lightenex Bright Skin Lightening Cream


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PharmaClinix Lightenex Bright Skin Lightening Cream is a combination of skin lightening agents & vitamins, which is scientifically designed to prevent & clear hyperpigmentation. Lightenex Bright cream offers the best value, without losing the potent efficacy of the skin lightening formula! Lightenex Bright is more effective than other skin lightening creams in the same category. It can be help to lighten melasma, chloasma, patchy skin & age spots. Lightenex Bright was developed after consultations with a vast variety of people, from various backgrounds, who wanted a more affordable variation of the original, premium Lightenex & the more advanced formula of Lightenex Plus. Helps Lighten skin pigmentation Helps Restore the radiance of your complexion Lightenex Bright contains the most effective clinically proven active ingredients incorporated in a simple formulation. The combination is a perfect balance of Tyrosinase synthesis inhibitors & competitive blockers to reduce the dark melanin production & brighten your skin.