Pink Daisy Anal Bleaching & Lightening – Twin Pack


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Pink Daisy Anal Bleaching & Lightening Twin Pack - It is a personal bleaching cream for sensitive areas, specially formulated for lightening skin of intimate areas. Developed with gentle ingredients, it does not irritate your delicate skin, nor it produces any unwanted side effects. In this multipack you will get: 2 Pink Daisy Anal Bleaching & Lightening (30 ml each) Easy to use Pink Daisy comes with a convenient pump that allows simple application without any mess or waste. A little dab of cream helps to achieve your preferred skin tone. Unique features 100% natural, mild, gentle, and non-irritating Contains No Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone Free from Alcohol, Parabens, Dyes or Perfumes No harsh chemicals that burn the skin Absorbs quickly and dries completely clean How does it work? Pink Daisy works by brightening the discoloured pigmented spots while blending them with your own natural skin tone. Pink Daisy then moisturises the skin with a mild, soothing agent to protect it. As the new skin develops and reaches the surface, you will see a lighter and rejuvenated skin tone that blends with your natural skin tone.