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Promensil Post Menopause is a natural red clover isoflavones for women after menopause. Its 3-in-1 formula for Post Menopause wellbeing, bones and heart health. Promensil Post Menopause is specifically formulated with isoflavones and added calcium and vitamin D3 to help support post-menopausal wellbeing, heart and bone health. Promensil is the most extensively studied menopause supplement. Before menopause, naturally occurring oestrogen in the body provides a protective effect on our bone density and heart health. During and after menopause, oestrogen levels drop, the effects of which can be: Menopausal symptoms Declining bone density Declining cardiovascular health Who should use Promensil Menopause Post Menopause? Highly recommended after menopause. Why? Specifically formulated for post menopause, isoflavones maintain a healthy level of phytoestrogens in your body, good for general wellness after menopause. The formula also has the added benefit of calcium and vitamin D3 to help maintain bone health while also supporting heart health. Also suitable during menopause. Why? Contains isoflavones which help maintain a calm and comfortable menopause. Added calcium and vitamin D3 help maintain bone density during menopause, when oestrogen levels start to drop. Calcium Helps to maintain normal bone health Contributes towards normal nerve and muscle function Contributes towards normal functioning of metabolism and normal energy levels Vitamin D3 Has multiple benefits: Helps maintain healthy bones by helping calcium absorption Ensures normal function of the immune system Contributes to normal cell division Helps maintain normal muscle function Red Clover Isoflavones Red clover (trifolium pratense) is a legume or pulse commonly seen growing in the fields and hedgerows across the UK. Other examples of legumes include chickpeas, lentils and soybeans. Red clover is the richest source of natural isoflavones, containing all four types: genistein, daidzein, formononetin and biochanin (as opposed to soya, which only contains two). Not all red clover products are the same. In a recent survey, 70% of UK isoflavone supplements contained less than the required 40 mg minimum effective level of isoflavones. Red clover blossoms contain little or no isoflavones, so products such as red clover tea or supplements based on red clover blossoms may not provide sufficient isoflavones. Promensil extracts isoflavones from red clover leaf. The standardisation process used in the manufacture of Promensil ensures that each tablet in every pack supplies 40mg of isoflavones - the level that is consumed in a typical legume based diet eaten in Asia or Japan, for example.