Regaine Extra Strength For Men – 9 Month Supply


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Regaine Extra Strength Liquid Solution For Men - 9 Months Supply is a multipack designed for men with hereditary hair loss, aged 18 to 65. It has been scientifically proven to help stop hereditary hair loss.
In this multipack you will get:

3 boxes of Regaine Extra Strength Liquid Solution
How does it work?
Regaine revives shrunken hair follicles so that they increase in size and are able to regrow thicker hair over time. It does this by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles, strengthening existing hair and stimulating secondary growth. This produces thicker, longer, more visible hair- without affecting male hormones.
Fast results
In clinical trials, 3 out of 5 men experienced hair growth. Results may be noticed in just 8 weeks.