Riemann P20 Once A Day Sun Filter SPF20


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Riemann P20 Once A Day Sun Filter SPF20 is perfect for people who like swimming in the Sunshine, P20 Once a Day Sunfilter is simply not like any other product. It is a unique product as it needs to be applied only once a day - so you can simply get on with enjoying yourself. Active 15 minutes after application, Riemann P20 Once-a-Day Sunfilter provides high sun protection - factor 20 - and is still 90% effective after swimming. It is non-greasy, non-oily and fragrance free to provide the ultimate coverage, both in and out of the water, for up to 10 hours a day. P20 with a SPF of 20, absorbs 95% of the sun's UVB (burning) rays, and offers 10 hours of protection with a single application to allow you a slow, gradual tan. Enjoy the sun responsibly It is important to stay out of the sun between the hours of 11am and 3pm when the intensity of the sun's rays are greatest. Pay attention not to exceed sun exposure for longer than your skin type allows, taking into account the strength of the sun and the geographical conditions. Do not stay in the sun too long even when using a once-a-day sun protection product. Babies and young children should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Do not apply to broken or sun-scorched skin. If you have already been burnt, make sure you stay out of the sun. Apply P10 or P20 generously and evenly. An adult will require between 30-40ml per application.