Royal Canin West Highland White Terrier


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The West Highland white terrier is an adorably fluffy breed. They were bred in Scotland to withstand the chilly temperatures of the north. This means that their lovely luscious coat needs a little extra TLC than most other pups.

You can keep your terrier's coat soft and silky by giving them a food designed especially for their breed. Royal Canin West Highland Terrier is a complete food that's packed full of nutrients and vitamins to care for their fur.

This mix is made to replace their regular food and give them all the goodness they need to stay healthy and happy. You should check the feeding instructions to make sure your pet is getting the right amount of food for their size and weight.

Key benefits

Good fatty acids and linseed oil help to keep their fur shiny and healthy

Fish oil and borage give extra support to the skin barrier

Sodium triphosphate helps to reduce nasty tartar build up on your pup's teeth

The kibble shape is developed especially for the West Highland terrier.

How it works

Royal Canin West Highland White Terrier Adult has everything your pup needs to stay healthy. Made with a balance of nutrients and vitamins, it's been developed to meet the needs of your fluffy terrier. Good fats and linseed oil are added to keep their iconic white coat glossy and lusciously soft.

As they're on the shorter side, terriers need a little extra help with the rough and tumble of daily life. This complete food has added borage oil, fish oil and a special skin nutrient complex. These all help to keep your dog's skin barrier tough; a strong skin barrier is essential for protecting them from the external environment.

As well as keeping their skin and coat healthy, this mix also looks after their teeth. Sodium triphosphate is added to help reduce nasty tartar build up that can lead to serious dental health problems. The unique kibble shape has also been adapted to your terrier's mouth making it super easy for them to enjoy.