Tena Lady Maxi Nights – 18 Pads


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Tena Lady Maxi Nights 3x6 Pads provides you with 3 packs that contain 6 pads each. Tena night pads are designed to fit your form and give you extra comfort and protection while you sleep. In this multipack you will get: 3 packs of TENA Lady Maxi Night (6 pads per pack) Comfortable fit They follow the movement of your body and hold firmly in place. Freshness through the night Tena Lady Maxi Nights is made with breathable material that allows for maximum air circulation, prevents any dampness, and keeps you feeling fresh. Maxi Night Pads also provide odour control, lock away moisture, and are gentle on your skin. They can be used for medium to heavy incontinence. Convenient Each pad is individually wrapped and can easily be carried in your handbag or pocket when you're on the go.