Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask 75ml


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Vichy Thermal Spa Water - Its unique ingredient was discovered by the Gauls in Vichy, France, and has been used for its dermatological virtues since the XVII Century. Today, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is recognised by the French Academy of Medicine and has been shown to hydrate and soothe the feel of the skin in order to fortify the skin's natural protective function. It:Decongests through relieving rednessSoothes sensitive skinReinforces the skin's natural protectionVichy is the number one pharmacy skincare brand in European continental pharmacies. Vichy's unique formulations combine mineral rich thermal spa water and renowned dermatological ingredients selected for each individual skin need. Vichy believes in providing personalised skin diagnosis tools for every skin type, developed with health professionals. Believing in health means looking at skin in a unique way. At Vichy, we believe that health is the most effective, secure and advanced path to a sustainable beauty. True beauty stems from healthy-looking skin. True. Profound. Alive.Hypoallergenic Preservative and fragrance freeEfficacy proven by dermatologistsTested on sensitive skinTested under dermatological control