Weleda Baby Tummy Oil


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Weleda Baby Tummy Oil contains carefully-selected pure essential oils traditionally used to aid digestion. Essential oil of marjoram has a warming and calming effect and is one of the most effective essential oils to relieve cramps. Roman Chamomile has a relaxing effect and is traditionally used to help with wind, as well as soothing and comforting fractious or crying babies. Cardamom relieves cramps, stimulates digestion and eases trapped wind. Other essential oils provide a soothing fragrance and preserve the product naturally, so artificial preservatives or parabens are not needed. This comforting baby oil is genuinely natural and certified by NATRUE. It is cold-pressed from organic crops grown in Spanish orchards stretching over 100,000 acres of Valencian countryside. The fine almost transparent oil is warming, nourishing and comforting, is renowned for being well tolerated by all skin types, and has a soothing, healing effect on skin. Almond is the ideal base for a quickly-absorbed light product that wont leave your baby feeling greasy and sticky.The product is free from mineral oils, synthetic colour, fragrance, artificial additives of any kind, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.Weleda pregnancy products have been developed by experienced midwives and pharmacists, and are certified as natural skin care.